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Everywhere you see the words ‘COPIER WORLD’, you’ll see the line ‘Delivering Low-cost genuine business benefits’. With product offerings of Mfds LASER PRINTER, CANON PRINTER, HP PRINTER, BROTHER PRINTER, EPSON PRINTER, SHREDDER, PRINTER SCANNER we have never just sold boxes, and we have never left our customers unsupported. We are dedicated to giving our clients services, which save them money and make their businesses run more efficiently.
Everything about COPIER WORLD is structured to achieve those aims, and it’s helped us build our successful enterprise with long-term customers who trust our judgment and treat us as partners, an extension of their own businesses – Read more.

Printers Copiers and Fax Machines - If you are Looking at Leasing or buying Printers Copiers & Fax Machines or Printer Scanner Copier for your Business Then you have found Sydney’s best supplier of Printers Copiers & Fax Machines

A multifunction printer, MFP or Multifunction Device is an all in one device consisting of the major functionality of printer scanner copier, and sometimes a fax machine, all in one machine can also be a combination of
Printers Scanners & Fax machines. MFPs can be connected to your network by an Ethernet cable which is a wired Connection or it can also be wirelessly connected via wifi. Combined Printers Copiers and Fax machines can also be operated directly from their own control panel as most have an Interface for external storage on the device itself. Multifunction Devices offer much more than standard printer as it allows you to Scan, Copy, and to print in different sizes, color, or mono (black and white) and it can also be an A3 Printer, A3 Colour Laser Printer, color laser Printer that means it is not limited to only being a color laser multifunction printer.

Large Format printers also are known as Wide Format Printer are designed to print larger than what an A3 Printer can normally print sizes such as A2 Printing A1 Printing A0 Printing. items such as banners, posters, trade show graphics, technical and CAD drawings, and large-quality complex color images. Various Models offered by Canon, Epson, HP are ideal for use in design studios and many industries such as photography, construction, and advertising industries.

Wide Format Scanners Are Scanners which are used to scan or archive larger than A3 Documents, they can be similar to Contex wide format scanner which produces Scans in color but unlike the German Manufactured Rowe Scanners which are the only Scanners of the type that are capable of Scanning at 2400dpi true optical resolution that we offer and distribute Australia wide, the Contex scanners are now made in China and cannot scan at 2400dpi true optical resolution. Also, Canon Colortrac Scanners are made in China.

Business-grade Heavy-duty Shredders are designed for offices which demand
productivity EzyShred Paper Shredder can shred up to 36 pages of the document at a time and sizes up to A3. The EzyShred Document Shredder is not like the Officeworks shredder. The EzyShred shredder comes with a lifetime guarantee on cutters and has high capacity waste bins. Paper Shredder Officeworks alternatives are sold and serviced by Copier World trading as Printers and Photocopiers and you can also buy online.

The 3D printer creates three-dimensional solid objects. Designers use 3D printers to quickly create product models and prototypes, but they’re increasingly being used to make final products, as well. Among the items made with 3D printers are shoe designs, furniture, wax castings for making
jewelry, tools, tripods, gift and novelty items, and toys.

Copier another name for photocopier or Xerox scans text or an image from a document or a physical object placed on the glass platen and reproduces it on a sheet of blank paper. Stand-alone versions of copiers are available also like the desktop models. For businesses, investing in one of the many all-in-one machines available, which also operate as printers, maybe a better option.

Fax machines offer a quick way of sending documents to people without the need for email and separate printing. Fax machines can be an option, especially when sending sensitive material such as signed legal papers.
For Printers Copiers and Fax Machines |Printers Scanners & Fax Machines

Contact Copier World Pty Ltd T/A Printers and Photocopiers which is a fully Australian owned and operated Company and has been selling and servicing Printers Copiers and Fax Machines and also providing Printer Repairs Sydney wide since its inception in 1989. Copier World offers high quality, cutting edge office printing, and copying solutions, maintenance, and printer repair Sydney wide.
For Sales and Service of your equipment Please Call now on 1300 657 317 or Fill out the contact form and we will get in touch shortly.

Hand Sanitiser is required to kill germs that cause Coronavirus and the Hand
Sanitiser is filled into the Hand Sanitiser Dispenser. the Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser also has a 21 inch HD Touch Screen Display which can be used to advertise and promote your business. We also sell other types of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser another name for automatic hand sanitiser dispensers is Soap dispenser. Which can also be an Automatic Soap Dispenser.
Digital display Hand sanitiser Dispenser is ideal for businesses who would like to advertise their products at the same time keeping their customers and staff safe from Covid.


Copier World is an Authorized OKI Business Partner and Service Center


OKI Executive Series & Pro Printers

Building on OKI’s heritage of award winning products, the exclusive Executive Series range of multifunction products, colour and mono printers provide hassle-free, tailored, document solutions, budgetary control and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Rowe Plan Printers and Scanners

Made in Germany

Sales Service and Distribution of Rowe Wide-format Plan Printers, Scanners, Folders and Cutting Units Australia wide.



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